Well, I'll started to migrate from the old CMS, experimenting with migrating the database.

The idea was that the old one should be running until I had everything sorted out.

However, I made a mistake (probably because the lack of instructions), anyway, I was experimenting in how to move all files from the old one to the new one.

The idea was to copy all files from the old location to the new one, copy over the database -finished!.

What I didn't know was that it was no copy-operation but rather a move and rename operation.

So I ended up with all files moved from the old site to the new site, and they were renamed, making it impossible to use the old database.

Fortunatly i have an local backup of all files on my computer, but uploading it all takes a very long time, and I can't import the database until all files are uploaded again.

Currently, 20090104 2000 GMT about 1/3 of the files is uploaded and I expect them all to be finished tomorrow evening (hopefully).

After that I think that its only a matter of importing the old database, and everything should be ok again.

After all, importing all old users were no problem.

When everything is running OK, i will issue a "Mass-mail" to all users, those that are bouncing back due to wrong e-mail addresses, those users will be deleted.

I allso urge you to complete yous user-profile, since Joomla will not work properly if things are missing.


Tomas Larsson, webmaster and owner of www.ebaman.com