It seems that files above 600MB are impossible to download, and the download speed seems low, I am investigating it.

All files should now be accessible, drop me a mail if there is any problems.

Download system updated, however certain files are not downoadable, due to their file-names, the download system does not like a "#"-sign in the filename, should be sorted soon

I am going to do an update of the download system today (26/7-2023), at around 1200 hours CET.

During that time the download system will be turned of. Hopefully it will go without any problems, and it will be online shortly after that.

After a lot of struggle, ebaman is finally online again.

I think most of the functions is there, still have to convert the old forum content to a new forusm system. Have to do it maually, how to do it, well, atm have not a clue, but I guess I will find out.


Problems, well, crashed database and server configuration has been the main culprits, but seems to be solved now