Welcome to my manual repository.

Ebaman has been down today due to a server change.

Now Everything should be working ok, if not pleas send me a mail.


At last, I'm back.

I had to do a serious upgrade to the site, after it got completly hacked.

I dont think the got the database and all the passwords is encrypted anyway.

But please change your password next time you login.

Hopefully it should stay un-hacked for a while.


Now as you see it looks a liitle strange, I need to find a new template obviously, please be patient

The forum is a complete new design with lots of functions, mucj better than the old one.

There is however currrently a BIG problem, that isn't solved yet. neither MS Explorer nor MS Edge is working, but I amm working on that.

So in the meantime, please use Firefox or Chrome to access the site,

It seems to be solved now,


I am now using the services from www.stopforumspam.com, Project Honneypot and Spamhouse in order to stop unwanted spammers and similar things.

If you are rejected in error, please contact them to get de-listed.

Here you find various types of users and service manuals, everything from electronics, ham, audio, motor etc.

Please check under NEWS

Please note, if you don't reply to the confirmation e-mail after you registered within one week, your registration will be deleted.

I will also delete any users trying to register with "funny" email addresses and usernames (mostly pornografiic and similar ones)


If you have a manual, please upload it, and make it avaible to the public.

All manuals on this site is avaible for free, the only catch is that I want you to register first.

There is a limit on how many manuals you can download each day, this is because I want to make it a little bit harder for all manual scammers that sells CD's/DVD's on ebay and similar sites.

If you have a large bunch of manuals you want to up-load please contact me directly, and I can set up a temporary FTP-account for you.

I have virtually unlimited amount of discspace and bandwidth avaible.

Currently 20110111:

Disc-space: 775 GB avaible .

Transfer: 7500 GB/Month.

My Host (servage) is sitting on a couple of large pipes, so speed should not be an issue.

If you want cheap and reliable hosting, please use this ticket with servage (and I'll get a month or so free hosting).

Please report anything that doesn't seem to work OK.

Look under Help if you experience any problems.

Best Regards

Tomas Larsson


If anyone wants to contribute or have other great ideas/knowledge for the site itself (not uploading stuff), please Contact me.